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LiveJournal Userpics: This plugin displays LiveJournal userpics in comments.
Current version: 0.7 (2008-10-17) [Download]
LiveJournal Comments: This plugin displayes a number of comments in posts crossposted to LiveJournal. You can see how it works here.
Current version: 1.0.4 (2008-10-14) [Download]
WP-CAL: This plugin shows ‘Comment’s Author Label’. Clicking this label will copy author’s name to comment field. So you will not need to type commenters names manually to answer them. Open comments.php and replace <?php comment_author_link() ?> with <?php comment_author_label() ?>. You can see how it works here.
Current version: 0.3 (2007-05-21) [Download]
Random Article: This plugin displays summary of random article.
Current version: 0.2 (2008-05-15) [Download]
Sidebar Random Posts: This plugin allows to display links to random posts ordered by category.
Current version: 0.8 (2008-05-15) [Download]
[Мои плагины для WordPress]
[Добавляем плагины в каталог WordPress.org]
[База данных WordPress изнутри]
[Настройка FeedBurner. Количество комментариев в RSS]
[Читаем подзамочные записи LiveJournal через RSS]
[Кликабельный графический хэдер]
WMZ: Z499855238679
WMR: R741846077203
Яndex.Деньги: 4100169452357

WP2HTML (no longer supported): Exports blog’s entries to the singe HTML file after every update. Adds HTML file to ZIP archive.
Current version: 0.6 (2007-03-06) [Download]
Gravatar (and userpics) (no longer supported): this plugin allows you to generate a gravatar URL complete with rating, size, default, and border options. See the documentation for syntax and usage. It also shows LiveJournal userpics in comments.
Current version: 1.2 (2007-06-26) [Download]
LJ user (no longer supported): This plugin replaces <lj user=»username»> with the correct html code..
Current version: 0.2 (2007-06-19) [Download]
AddTo Widget (no longer supported): adds “Add to Google”, “Add to Yahoo” etc. buttons to your sidebar. Just unzip all the files to your /widgets/ folder, activate it and enter your feed URI in widget’s options.
Current version: 0.7 (2006-07-04) [Download]
WPMU Russian language pack: (no longer supported) WordPress MU 1.0 full Russian Translation. *.mo and *.po files included. [Download]

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