Free BTC. Instead of Airdrops

Guess everyone, who is interested in cryptocurrencies, heard about airdrops — getting free tokens for doing simple things. I was also trying to get free tokens, and just lost my time. Airdrops disappoint our days. Think, I’ll write a post about it sometime.
Few weeks ago I’ve found a platform that allows you to get some guaranteed small amount of BTC in the easier way. I’m talking about I received ~$12 in BTC since my registration date (beginning of April) for doing almost nothing.
Registration approval is not so easy — you need to use work (or high school) email to register. But there is a small hint: if you have LinkedIn account linked to your account, your registration will be approved even if you use Gmail.
As soon as your registration is approved, just apply for getting tasks from all possible lists available. You also need to wait for applications approval for several days.
After that you’ll receive some easy tasks to complete — finishing surveys, joining Telegram channels, following Twitter accounts. One finished task = ~$1. It takes about three minutes to complete one task.
Sounds interesting? Just JOIN to get your free BTC.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comment.

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