Miranda IM 0.5.1

Вышла новая версия лучшего клиента для мгновенного обмена сообщениями для Windows.

Что нового?

— ICQ: Added new session password API — allowing plugins like Secure Login to work better
— Jabber: Improved the compatibility with the GTalk clients:
— Typing notification (JEP-0085);
— Avatars retrieving and publication (JEP-0153).
— Jabber: SASL authentication implemented, to allow the TLS usage. For old servers which don’t support SASL, the special option was added to disable SASL, it guarantees the full compatilibily with almost all servers.
— Yahoo: Show a Popup for System Messages.
— Yahoo: Improvements to the request handling when behind HTTP/HTTPS proxies
— Yahoo: Added System Message handling (via Popup).