blocks 1399 domains belonging to Russian users and demands $278,391 to restore them.

15.06.2006 – 7:31 пп blocks 1399 domains belonging to Russian users and demands $278,391 to restore them. (excerpt translated from )

On the 14th of June, 2006, company Majordomo (one of the biggest Russian internet hosting providers) got a note from (leading world domain registration service) committing a lock of… 1399 domains that belong to Majordomo clients. Reported reason is initially FALSE.

There’s no clear indication why GoDaddy blocks all these domains by providing misleading and false reports. All attempts to describe situation were useless and domains are still disabled.

Reported reason is a violation of ToS (Terms of Service). Here’s a link to a original letter sent to Majordomo:

As a summary:
The reason of blockage were multiple reports from Spamhа (company that holds database with ip-addresses of servers, that were found to be sending spam) claiming that Majordomo clients are performing mass mailing operations. This claim is false, doesn’t have any proofs and initially is erroneous. As a proof of ToS violation there were 2 links provided containing spamhaus reports ( SBL 36165, SBL 42891). First report, SBL 36165 (,
talks about that is not a client of Majordomo. Weird example, isn’t it? (
Second report, SBL 42891(,
doesn’t relate to Majordomo, as it talks about one of the Peterhost clients. Well, no comments!

There are no clear reasons why decided to go this way. However decided to use unchecked Spamhа report to as a way to block thousand of domains and changes to their DNS servers to: NS2.SUSPENDED-FOR.SPAM-AND-ABUSE.COM
(e.g. )

Not only there were no indications previously sent to Majordomo, but all requests sent to Spam and Abuse Department are returned with a single answer. Here’s a quick summary: «Pay and we’ll restore your domains».

1. Pay 199 $ per every domain restoration.
2. Pay 50 $ for domain transfer to another registrar.
3. Wait till domains will re-expire and re-register them.

Uncivilized way of doing business shown by the registrar isn’t convenient for Majordomo. It’s a pity that clients of a company that aren’t related to GoDaddy are being punished. Majordomo is very concerned by such outcome and tries to resolve this situation. A group lawsuit from personal, big juridical and government organizations from all over ex-USSR territory is being prepared. Every client that was affected is being provided with free domain in and zones.

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  2. Конфликт Majordomo и GoDaddy: откуда растут ноги…

    Не так давно, результаты с домена были замечены в топах Google по некоторым высококонкурентным запросам.
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